Activated Carbon Media / Molecular Filter Media

Activated Carbon Media / Molecular Filter Media Aerolace® is an advance and high performance activated carbon media (also known as molecular filter media), which is highly effective in environments where odor removal and control of harmful VOCs, toxic gases are of importance. Aerolace® activated carbon media achieve higher adsorption efficiencies and breakthroughs with lower pressure drop. This made it very versatile and provide solutions for gas phase filtration challenges to meet the air quality and emission standards.

Aerolace® Activated Carbon Media

  • Innovative process which aerodynamically blends activated carbon granules and bi-component fibers to form an integrated, evenly distributed sheet media
  • Adhesive-free integral structure maximizes activated carbon granule surface area for higher adsorption efficiency
  • Longer residence time and smaller air passage for higher adsorption efficiency
  • Comes with soft backing or self-supported backing
  • Available in rolls or pleatpack form
  • Optional combination with particulate filtration layer (Electrostatic media or Meltblown media)
  • Application: Facemask, Automotive cabin air filter, Room air cleaner, air purifier, pleated filter, V-bank filters, extended surface pocket filter
Activated Carbon Media

Pleated activated carbon media

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