Activated Carbon Media / Molecular Filter Media

Activated Carbon Media / Molecular Filter Media Aerolace® is an advance and high performance activated carbon media (also known as molecular filter media), which is highly effective in environments where odor removal and control of harmful VOCs, toxic gases are of importance. Aerolace® activated carbon media achieve higher adsorption efficiencies and breakthroughs with lower pressure drop. This made it very versatile and provide solutions for gas phase filtration challenges to meet the air quality and emission standards.

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CAMAIR Molecular Chemical Filters

Chemical Filter
CAMAIR molecular chemical filters or gas phase filters are highly effective for IAQ applications and low level odor control. The high performance activated carbon media is effective in catching most of the diverse chemicals in the air.
  • Incinerable plastic 4V filter or panel pleated filter form
  • High adsorption efficiency
  • Low pressure drop
  • High flow capacity
  • Further Option: To include MERV14 or MERV15 particulate removal function on the activated carbon media to form 2-in-1 combo filtration (Odor+Particulate Removal)
  • Application: FFU, MAU, Recirculation AHU in microelectronic, Semiconductor, Arts centre, Museum, Airport terminal building

Triboelectric Electrostatic Media

Triboelectric-Electrostatic Media
Triboelectric Electrostatic Air Filter Media boasts high performance characteristics in the air filtration market. It uses the latest advancement in electret fibers for nonwoven manufacturing and is the next generation of electrostatic air filter media.
Triboelectric media unlocks opportunities to new applications and improves existing applications through high level of performance with high efficiency at lowest pressure drop.

  • High initial efficiency
  • Very low initial resistance
  • High dust loading capacity
  • Available in rolls
  • Application: Cabin air filters, Vacuum bags, HVAC air filters (MERV11, MERV13), Room air cleaners, air purifiers, Facemasks, Respirators, HME filters

Actifil Pocket Filter Media

Actifil Pocket Filter Media
Actifil pocket filter media is made from meltblown synthetic media and it’s ultrasonically sealed to provide quality leak-free seal integrity and to withstand high bursting forces Available in ASHRAE, EN779:2012 and ePM (ISO16890) fine efficiencies

  • Low initial resistance
  • Low energy cost
  • High dust loading capacity
  • Resistant to humidity
  • Application: HVAC pocket filter, HVAC bag filter, Rigid box filter

Synthetic media for Disposable Pleated Filter

  • Non-woven synthetic media are manufactured for disposable pleated prefilter.
  • Available in ASHRAE 25-35% and EN779 G3-G4
  • Application: AHU, FCU, Air cleaner, Furnance filter

High Loft Polyester Media

High loft polyester pocket media are made from synthetic microfibers and are self-supporting. Available in EN779 efficiencies G3 – M6

  • Excellent high dust loading capacity due it it’s loftiness
  • Increased filter life
  • Application: Gas turbine filter, Air intake systems for turbomachinery