Activated Carbon Media / Molecular Filter Media

Activated Carbon Media / Molecular Filter Media Aerolace® is an advance and high performance activated carbon media (also known as molecular filter media), which is highly effective in environments where odor removal and control of harmful VOCs, toxic gases are of importance. Aerolace® activated carbon media achieve higher adsorption efficiencies and breakthroughs with lower pressure drop. This made it very versatile and provide solutions for gas phase filtration challenges to meet the air quality and emission standards.

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CAMAIR Molecular Chemical Filters

Chemical Filter
CAMAIR molecular chemical filters or gas phase filters are highly effective for IAQ applications and low level odor control. The high performance activated carbon media is effective in catching most of the diverse chemicals in the air.
  • Incinerable plastic 4V filter or panel pleated filter form
  • High adsorption efficiency
  • Low pressure drop
  • High flow capacity
  • Further Option: To include MERV14 or MERV15 particulate removal function on the activated carbon media to form 2-in-1 combo filtration (Odor+Particulate Removal)
  • Application: FFU, MAU, Recirculation AHU in microelectronic, Semiconductor, Arts centre, Museum, Airport terminal building