Meltblown Media

PP nonwoven meltblown is a high efficiency filter media that is suitable for many air filtration applications. Meltblown can be laminated to various filter media such as activated carbon media and Triboelectric electrostatic media to form composite media.

  • Application: Surgical facemask (BFE99, PFE99), Respirators (N95, N99), Cabin air filters, HVAC air filters
  • Triboelectric Electrostatic Media

    Triboelectric-Electrostatic Media
    Triboelectric Electrostatic Air Filter Media boasts high performance characteristics in the air filtration market. It uses the latest advancement in electret fibers for nonwoven manufacturing and is the next generation of electrostatic air filter media.
    Triboelectric media unlocks opportunities to new applications and improves existing applications through high level of performance with high efficiency at lowest pressure drop.

    • High initial efficiency
    • Very low initial resistance
    • High dust loading capacity
    • Available in rolls
    • Application: Cabin air filters, Vacuum bags, HVAC air filters (MERV11, MERV13), Room air cleaners, air purifiers, Facemasks, Respirators, HME filters